About Us

Welcome to Project Archinaut, a website about space and astronomy!

We are a team of space enthusiasts (admittedly none of us have been to space!) who love learning about and writing about the latest discoveries in the cosmos.

The goal of this website is to make space and astronomy accessible and exciting for everyone.

On this blog you’ll find articles about space news, rocket launches, astrophotography, astronomy history, space missions, and more.

We cover everything from our solar system to the furthest reaches of the universe. Our passion is exploring the final frontier and we hope to inspire you to look up and discover the wonders of the night sky!

If you are new to all this and want to get inspired, we would recommend downloading the SkyView app on your smartphone (available on both iPhone and Android). It’s really amazing to see where and how many stars there are in our universe. Download it and check it out!